The First Session

The purpose of the first session is for you to see if this is a “good fit” for you and your needs at this time.  Finding someone you trust and feel comfortable with is important. I’m committed to finding you the best help you can receive and am happy to give you referrals to other caregivers or alternative resources.

The first session is 50 minutes and begins with brief coverage of the confidentiality agreement and introduction to the setting. I make sure there is ample time to fully discuss your concerns, what you hope to achieve or improve with counseling, and what major factors contribute to the problem. The standard session fee applies. In order to use our time well, you may choose to bring completed initial paperwork (downloadable on the Forms page) that includes background questions in order to help me orient to your life better and understand influential situations you have experienced in the past.

Debra Seido Martin, MA MFT, LPC
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Office: Neighborhood Location Near 11th & Chambers, Eugene, OR