Open Field Office Policies


Please arrive on time for sessions and note that there is no waiting area out of the weather. Parking can be difficult on Fillmore St. – please feel free to block the driveway or pull into the driveway by parking behind the Chevy Bolt if no other spot is available.

You are welcome to tea and drinking water, as well as the bathroom facilities which are available in my office. You are also welcome to remove your shoes if that is more comfortable for you for the session.


Payment made online, by check or cash, is due at the beginning of each session – please place checks and cash in the basket inside the doorway to eliminate the need to do this at the end of the session. If for some reason you forget your checkbook or are waiting for funds, paying your balance online or at the next session is perfectly acceptable. Checks are cashed twice a month close to the 1st and the 15th.

Appointments & Cancellations

As I make an effort to reserve your hour and have frequently turned away others who may have requested that time, I ask that you be responsible for the fee for missed sessions under the following conditions:

(1) You will not be charged if you need to cancel due to an emergency or unavoidable life demand such as an ill child, car breakdown, or being held overtime at work.

(2) You will be charged your session fee if you forget to come to your appointment for any reason, including failure to correctly insert your appointment in hand held devices.

(3) You will be charged for sessions that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance due to personal preference, such as a last minute camping trip or decision to spend time with friends or family. While I support many of these choices that enhance your mental health, the fee will still be charged. There will be no charge for sessions cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.

Emergency Services

        OFT does not provide emergency services – if you are in crisis or in need of immediate assistance, please contact the White Bird hotline (541-687-4000) or call 911.   


        Cell phone and email are the best means of communication with me between sessions. I check my cell phone daily Monday through Friday – please allow 24 hours for a response. Email is an easy way to facilitate a change of appointments. Please note however that, although I have an email address dedicated to my practice, I cannot guarantee confidentiality with electronic communication and if this is a concern for you. Clients sometimes send brief email messages about how they’re doing during the week, which can be very useful. I appreciate these, but in general do not give extensive replies when more extensive in person communication is preferable for clarity.

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Debra Seido Martin, MA MFT, LPC
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Office: Neighborhood Location Near 11th & Chambers, Eugene, OR