Session fees are $85 – $125 sliding scale (Couples $100-$140), for a full 1 hour session. I do not take insurance. The intention behind a sliding scale format is to offer professional services that are both fair and flexible. Clients decide on a fee that they can reasonably afford weekly in the foreseeable future that reflects their circumstances.  While insurance is useful for many care situations, the advantage of a self pay system in counseling includes the ability for you and I to make decisions without third party involvement, to conduct one hour and fifteen minute sessions, to consider a treatment length of time according to your needs and preferences, and ensure confidentiality in that your records do not automatically part of a medical network that could compromise future health care choices.

Session fees are generally paid at the beginning of each session, by check or cash, to eliminate the need for the transaction at the end of our meeting. Checks can be written out to Open Field Therapy. Receipts are available upon request.

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Debra Seido Martin, MA MFT, LPC
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