Couples Counseling

Being in an intimate relationships poses some of the most difficult challenges we face in life, while also offering the greatest potential for healing and wholeness to take place. All couples encounter challenges at some point in the relationship, commonly with intimacy, communication problems, conflict gridlock, parenting stress, feelings of growing apart and hurt from infidelity.  What is so inspiring about working with couples is witnessing the power of setting aside time in a safe mediated space where the relationship is the focus.  Each partner can explore their concerns and needs openly, and honestly and give attention to the relationship both want to create.

Couples work is a little more directed than individual counseling. Although sessions are always attuned to your needs and what situation is most salient, family therapists have a wealth of valuable tools and reflections based on extensive research about what helps couples develop strong long term relationships. Aspects of successful partnerships include establishing nourishing patterns of mutual support, learning to manage conflict small and large, and creating shared meaning.  Seeking help, the willingness and courage to engage the difficulty, is in itself often the most powerful step in the positive direction.

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