Welcome to the Open Field

Difficulties come with being human – how we respond to these difficulties  makes all the difference. Without wise support, many of us feel like we are in an impossible stuck situation and needlessly suffer alone. My approach is holistic, integrating mindfulness, awareness of the body’s role in distress, helping inner parts that are conflicted resolve. I respect my client’s spiritual life and their dreams.

Therapy is an open field in that it is a protected space where one can be truly honest and be met with respect, interest and possibility. As a therapist committed to this open field, its my experience  that given the ground of trust and compassion, fresh views and options always emerge. We begin to foster nourishing relationships and a more deeply connected life with ourselves and the world around us. If you’re considering counseling, know that, although this brings many unknowns, reaching out for help is the beginning of beneficial path.

Through Therapy, You Can…

  • Make room for growth in the face of difficult life transitions
  • Learn a somatic approach to anxiety and depression
  • Integrate past traumatic experience
  • Learn to deal skillfully with interpersonal conflict
  • Develop nourishing interpersonal relationships
  • Build upon inherent strengths & resources
  • Envision a new life direction and a sense of purpose